Tattoo Artist Product Feedback Picture: Tattoo Hydraulic Client Chair TA-TC-04

Multifunctional headrest face support and detachable headrest provide comfort and various useful applications

  • Use a smooth PVC leather surface-to prevent excess lines on the customer's body after prolonged use
  • Multi-layer cushioning provides excellent comfort and decompression
  • The best adjustability of unparalleled chair positioning
  • Adjust the leg rest from 0° flat to 90° downward
  • Full backrest adjustment from 90° upright to 180° flat
  • Full range 360° rotation at any height
  • Height-adjustable headrest can be converted into facial support
  • Suitable for leg extensions of tall customers
  • Removable buckle steel reinforced armrest
  • Durable stainless steel foot pedals
  • Slim and stylish design, suitable for work studios of any size
  • Stable base with double-plated heavy steel
  • Ultra-high grade hydraulic lift
Tatartist tattoo chairTattoo client chairTattoo guest chair

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