The last 10 tattoo client chairs ! !
Stock shortage
The last 10 hydraulic tattoo guest chairs.
It takes one month to replenish the stock when it is sold out. Recently, the cost of materials and transportation have been increasing.
Hope everyone understands.
If you have a friend who needs to buy a tattoo chair in the near future, I suggest you place an order as soon as possible. After all, there are only 10 pieces left.
  • 【USA】Hydraulic tattoo client chair tattoo studio equipment TA-TC-01
  • Price: $769
  • Size:174/189(L)*80(W)*60/78(H)cm / 68.50``/74.41''*31.50''*23.62``-30.71''
  • Dimension:
  1. Bed length: 184-199cm (including legs: 48-63cm; seat cushion: 56cm; backrest: 80cm)
  2. Height from bed surface to ground: 60-75cm
  3. Select high-quality PU leather, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and waterproof
  4. Hydraulic lifting, manual operation, smooth and labor-saving
  5. Sturdy structure, 200kg load capacity, suitable for customers of different weights
  6. Two-year warranty, lifetime after-sales service
  7. U.S. inventory, fast delivery


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