Why TatArtist's Tattoo Tray Tool Cart is so popular?

The magical tool of the tattoo studio - TA-TW-15 Tattoo Tray Tool Cart

1. The bottom frame is hexagonal flower shape. The design concept is to hope that the long wait for tattoos can evoke sweet and happy memories of customers and reduce skin pain. Why do flowers represent sweetness and happiness? Because if you are a boy, when you think of sending flowers to your wife and girlfriend, do you smile happily, do you fall into happy love? The answer is yes.
Also suppose you are a girl. When you receive flowers from your husband and boyfriend, are you very happy and think your lover is very romantic?
I hope everyone with tattoos can feel love.
At the same time, I hope everyone feels that TatArtist also makes products with love.

2. Fold the small trash can. Of course, this design is to keep the tattoo studio clean and hygienic. Not every corner of the tattoo studio can be placed in trash cans. And this tattoo tray tool cart can store your scraps at any time, which is really convenient and user-friendly. And the trash can can be disassembled and cleaned. Very easy to use, portable trash can, very convenient, not blocking the place. Not every trash can can do it.

3.The tool cart has wheels for easy movement.
Tattoo tray on wheels.

There is a discount for ordering. The original price was $ 299, but now it is only  $ 249.

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