TA-AM-19 XL Tattoo Hand Rest Customer Feedback
Instagram account name-tubbytatts
Place an order on the tatartist official website to buy the brand's latest XL tattoo hand rest. Thank you tubby for your support and trust in tatartist. Your feedback gives tatartist unlimited motivation to move forward.

This product-TA-AM-19 is a brand new tattoo enlarged and widened hand rest.
1. Since the hand rest is also the foot rest.
2. One thing is multi-purpose, in addition to placing guests' arms, there is also enough space to support your hands. At the same time, it can support the hands of you and the guests.
3. Strong load-bearing capacity, thick metal material. Soft weight: 30KG, metal frame pedal weight: 75KG.
4. The software can adjust the tilt according to your needs. This is the biggest selling point of the product~
The video display is more intuitive, please click to jump to youtube to watch.

Real-time spot: 9 pieces in Canadian warehouse.
U.S. warehouse is working hard to replenish goods...You can book in advance, and leave a message to me if you need it.

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