20 Sentences Suitable For Tattoos

Many friends like to embroider inspirational, in-depth, and story-telling sentences on their bodies.

Are these sentences that you like and unforgettable?


  • Do what you say, say what you do
  • Life is but a span
  • Something attempted, something done
  • The longest journey begins with the first step
  • In life it's not where you go. It's who you travel with
  • Well begun is half done
  • No cross, no crown
  • No way is impossible to courage
  • The devil is always in the details
  • Everything will be all right
  • Look before you leap

  • Every man has his price
  • No one but ourselves can degrade us
  • We'll have a fresh start for the year ahead
  • The rough road often leads to the top
  • Spend your life in your own way
  •  Always be a first-rate version of yourself
  • The darkest hour is that before the dawn
  •  Nothing really matters except to live or die
  •  I am ordinary yet unique


Always be a first-rate version of yourself
This is my favorite sentence.
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