Why is the electric tattoo chair so popular?
Why is the electric tattoo chair so popular?

  • The electric tattoo guest chair can satisfy people who don't like "hands-on". All tatartist's tattoo guest chairs can be adjusted in multiple angles.
Adjusted parts:
1.The inclination of the back.
2. The overall height of the seat.
3. The height and inclination of the legs can be adjusted.
If you are a "no hands-on" remote control preference, you can choose TatArtist's electric tattoo guest chair-TA-TC-06.
Due to its popularity, there is only one TA-TC-06 left.
If you are interested, you can buy a complete set of tattoos.

Two Motors Electric Tattoo Client Chair (black)-TA-TC-06 - Foot Control

  1. Size: 174/189(L)*80(W)*60/78(H)cm / 68.50''/74.41''*31.50''*23.62''-30.71''

Ergonomic Artist Chair (black)-TA-AC-03

  1. 19.69``*17.72''large seat size with 160 gas lift, aluminum base(φ640MM(25.20'')
  2. Whole Chair Hi-Lo 18.11``-23.62'', lower backrest Hi-Lo 10.63``-14.57'', upper backrest Hi-Lo 7.09``-12.60'';
  3. Seat angle: 3-6°, backrest angle: 85-115°;
  4. detachable upper backrest and stored under the seat

Tattoo Stool Foot Stand(black)-TA-AR-10

  1. 12.60``*7.09'' cushion for elbow tattoo
  2. Hi-Lo adjustable 26.18‘’-41.34‘’;
  3. Quick release lever to fix to, suitable for different heights of clients;
  4. Hollow-carved designed triangle base, elegant and stable
  5. Stool cushion can be adjusted freely

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