Sales champion product in the second quarter of 2021-Tattoo Workstation

Popularity of Tattoo Workstations TA-WS-03 :

1. The design of the tattoo workstation is simple, the desktop is huge, and it can put all kinds of ink and paint, and the tattoo needle machine is easy to move. It is a very easy to use workbench.

2.3-storey large storage space solves the trouble of the tattoo artist who has many tools and is difficult to clean. The desktop is tidy and easy to retrieve.

3. The stainless steel anticorrosive countertop is easy to clean, and the cabinet body is mainly black, which is not easy to show old.

4. You can add accessories, 360° rotating LED light, rotating ipad bracket, to meet the different needs and experiences of tattoo artists.

5. Thick metal material design, longer product life, no need to replace the workbench frequently, saving cost and improving efficiency.

6. Convenient storage will not obstruct the space. It can not only improve your happiness at work, but also increase the high-level sense of your studio.

(Combination price: US$735  Free shipping in the United States)

Note: The LED fill light, ipad bracket, and additional tray must be purchased separately.



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