Tatartist Tattoo Furniture Brand Story

Tatartist Tattoo Furniture Brand Story

  • In 2010, the dream of furniture entrepreneurs came true.
  • In 2015, I repeatedly studied the market and practice. During this period, I designed many different commercial furniture. I tried to sell beauty chairs, shampoo chairs and office chairs, but they repeatedly hit the wall. Then we calmed down, thought, observed the market, and found that tattoos were very popular when we were young. Initially, we sold tattoo stickers, they were very popular, but we still want to get back on track and design and produce furniture. Finally, we started the exploration of tattoo furniture.
  • In 2018,After three years of precipitation, with the initial foundation of product quality and technology, we can finally put a resounding name "Tatartist" on our outstanding product (the master of tattoo furniture industry). The perfect combination of tattoos and tattoo artists, the perfect combination of tattoo artists and tattoo furniture-tattoos.
  • In 2019, Tatartist officially debuted in the US market. Although our brand has only been established for 2 years, we worked silently and left too much blood and sweat.



Brand Strategy

  • Diversification. Products cover tattoo furniture, tattoo tools and equipment, disposable tattoo supplies and other categories. Meet the needs of different scenarios.
  • Younger. The combination of in-depth insight and market demand can provide users with products and services that are full of modernity. Follow the trend of tattoo culture to create.
  • Streamline. Go deep into the market, carefully manage the brand, and provide good service to each customer.


Brand vision

Rooted in the United States, facing the world, providing more products and services to the world.


Brand slogan

Let entrepreneurs advance and retreat together, provide reliable products and services for each generation of strugglers, and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Pay tribute to every generation of strugglers. "Struggle" is the direction of the Tataists and the greatest resonance with the people.


Brand Value

  • Quality is the foundation. Practical, reliable and refined product design.
  • Trust service. Trustworthy service system.
  • Users create together. In-depth user participation and co-creation.

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