Where does Tatartist come from?

The Tatartist Tattoo Equipment brand was established in 2019. It is one of the top ten tattoo furniture brands in the United States. Tatartist is an emerging powerful brand of tattoos and has won praise from users in the US market.


  • "Quality, Soul, Flexibility"

Tatartist's products are not an "empty shell". Tatartist's tattoo products are senior assistants of tattoo artists and tattoo equipment with soul. In the busy time of tattooing, bringing convenience to tattooists, humanized design, ergonomic design and flexible operation are the meaning of Tatartist tattoo furniture. Using Tatartist's tattoo master chair, tattoo armrest, tattoo footrest, tattoo guest chair, tattoo tool cart, tattoo multi-function tray is your best choice. Only by using tattoo furniture with soul, you can become the best tattoo artist.


  • Technology and Innovation make the beauty of the Soul

Tatartist has an excellent exterior design team. In a market where the appearance of products is homogeneous, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish tattoo products of different brands. Therefore, Tatartist is committed to innovating the appearance of products, adapting to the accelerated changes in the market, and designing comfortable and cost-effective products that are more suitable for consumer use scenarios. As a trustworthy product for consumers, Tatartist continues to increase the added value of its products while enhancing the competitiveness of the brand. It can also bring new surprises to tattoo artists and supporters of tattoo equipment.

Therefore, in the next month, Tatartist tattoo furniture will launch new products on the market. The heavy-duty tattoo hand rest and new tattoo tools will soon be sold on the official website. If you are interested, please remember to follow our website and Facebook, INS and other channels.




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