7 ways to maintain tattoos

7 ways to maintain tattoos

Tattooing is painful, so you must take good care of your skin after tattooing.

After enduring such great pain, people must learn how to care for tattoos.


Depending on the size of the pattern, scab will begin to form 1-3 days after the tattoo, and you can stop using the ointment after the skin sacb. But at this time, the tattoo site will start to itch, you must remember not to pull it with your hands, otherwise it will easily fade the pattern and cause wound infection.


Moreover, in winter, the skin has the imagination of peeling. The peeling period after the tattoo will make the skin more itchy. Please remember the following 7 points to avoid "torture".


  1. Cannot tear off the scab by hand.
  2. Do not eat spicy foods, spicy seafood and other irritating foods.
  3. Three to four hours after the tattoo is completed, please gently rinse the tattooed area with warm water. You can use shower gel, then dry it with a clean towel to keep it dry, and wash it every day. Do not soak in water.
  4. Do not apply any ointment other than tattoo cream to avoid discoloration and damage the overall appearance.
  5. Please refrain from swimming, sauna, sunbathing, diving or entering the sea before the tattooed area is completely healed.
  6. Scab, peeling and itching are normal for three to five days. Do not scratch, wait for the scab to fall off naturally.
  7. If the tattoo appears on the joints or easily stretched parts, be careful not to move too much when forming the scab, so as not to crack the scab, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the tattoo.


Tattoos can be a bit painful. Those who choose to get a tattoo in winter should keep it properly during the peeling period. A beautiful tattoo depends not only on the tattoo artist, but also on his own daily care. A slight negligence can cause infection, redness and swelling. I believe this is something my friends don't want to see. Therefore, maintenance is very important, and it is necessary to cooperate with the tattoo artist for related work before the operation. Although the price of a small institution is very cheap, there is no guarantee of effect, so you should never go.

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