10 Truths About Tattoo Procrastination

10 truths about tattoo procrastination

What's holding you back from making a decision?
Are you timid and cowardly? Is it your fear of the unknown?
If you really like tattoos, don't spend a lot of time struggling and hesitating.
Having it doesn't prove how good or how bad you are, it's just a precious thing that exists in you. It will stay true to you, be yours, and be with you forever. You own it, and you own yourself.

Summarize the 10 factors that hinder your tattoo speed:
1. I haven't met a tattoo artist I particularly like
2. I didn’t choose a tattoo I liked and worth living with for a lifetime
3. I was worried that tattoos would be addictive, I wanted to try it, but got tattooed again
4. The price of tattoos is too high, unacceptable, the price is too low, and I am worried about skin damage
5. Worry that the small pattern is not good enough, and the big pattern itself is not good enough
6. Worrying that the tattoo will hurt and showing timidity, worrying that the tattoo artist insists not to use anesthesia. Fear of losing the meaning of the tattoo again even if the tattoo artist agrees to use anesthesia
7. Worry about parents not accepting it, worrying about female (boy) friends not accepting it
8. Worrying that friends around you will see you differently
9. Worry about limiting future employment
10. Worrying that you will change to other tattoos in the future

I'm pretty confident that there must be one reason why you don't want to get a tattoo.
If there are other answers, please let me know in the comments.


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