How to choose a tattoo artist for the first tattoo

Story 1:
A tattoo is a way of recording a story. Like I have a tattoo artist and she is my soul mate, good skills, that's secondary, the most important thing is I just tell her the story. She draws on her own understanding of things, then disappears briefly to create like crazy. Then when I checked the manuscript, I didn't change it once, and what I saw was what I wanted. Then she did all 4 large and small tattoos by herself. It's really rare to see someone draw what they think.

Story 2:
It is said that the best way to test the tattoo artist's skills is to ask him to tattoo straight lines for you.

There is Atum, a Russian tattoo artist who has 15 years of experience in the tattoo industry. Atum will do a good job of disinfecting tattoo tools in advance. After drawing a straight line, compare it over and over again, and don't start writing until we are all satisfied. He cuts and burns in just 20 minutes.

Having done my white straight line tattoo, I just love this simple tattoo design. For example I also love Tatartist tattoo furniture. It looks like an ordinary tattoo chair, but it will make my experience very good, and I will not feel uncomfortable sitting on the chair. I'm not going to sit on pins and needles over the pain of getting a tattoo.


Tatartist tattoo client chair

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