Why 2022 is the last FIFA world cup

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will start on November 21, 2022.

For those born in the 80s and 90s, this World Cup can be called "Twilight of the Gods". When an era ends, the rest of life will be a countdown.

Look at those superstars, Messi is 35 years old, Ronaldo is 37 years old, Modric is 37 years old, Neuer is 36 years old, Benzema is 35 years old, Di Maria is 35 years old, Bell is 33 years old, Muller is 33 years old, Suarez Sidney is 36 years old, Cavani is 35 years old, Giroud is 37 years old, Pepe is 39 years old, Silva is 38 years old, and Neymar is 30 years old. ..
Even the youngest Neymar said: "This may be his last World Cup."

Yes, after this World Cup, how many people's youth will come to an end.
Neymar realized his childhood dream, how many people have long forgotten their childhood dream, and are exhausted for life.
It's not that there will be no new stars in the future, but for a generation, after watching this World Cup, they may not watch football anymore. The chores of life, family, work, and parenting can overwhelm them. gas....

Even so, people still have a sense of ritual.

This World Cup is a farewell ceremony for a generation of youth, muster the courage to face the future.

Life is short, cherish the moment!

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