Tattoos, only the first, never the last

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Some people say that tattoos are like a woman shopping for clothes, there will never be the last one. Once tattooed, only the first and Nth, never the last.
I agree with this statement.

Friends around you can basically be divided into two types: one is pure and flawless skin without a single tattoo, and the other is flower skin with multiple tattoos. The latter group also has an implicit rule: as long as there are tattoos, there must be many.

In my case, when I gritted my teeth and suffered and got my first tattoo of my life, I felt the sweetness and eventually got addicted to tattoos. In short, I can't stop my excited heart. I always tell myself it's ok, I want to get tattooed, tattooed again...and over and over again, I'm just simply forming the now fancy body.

To find out if "Having a head but no tail" is a tattoo spell, I had a brief chat with tattoo artist friends and tattoo lovers to try to figure out the mystery.

A tattoo artist friend said that from his work experience and personal feelings, basically no one will stop tattooing after tattooing. In his customer base, repeat customers account for 70%-80%, and the remaining 20% ​​of new customers, after going through the process of tattooing and their own craftsmanship, will also be converted into repeat customers after three months. So, at least among his customers, there are several tattoos on the body, and there are almost no cases where there is only one tattoo.

Look at your friends with tattoos. Generally, they have at least two or more tattoos, or they just got their first one and are scratching their heads thinking about when to get another tattoo. It's basically impossible to stop dreaming about tattoos.

So, are tattoos addicting? The answer is: Exactly. Some people also like the numbness, itching, and pain when the needle is pierced into the skin.

People generally tend to be very focused and cautious about "firsts" and spend time and energy figuring it out. Once the first step is taken, the quantitative change from 0 to 1 is realized, and the qualitative change will occur immediately. This is why when we get a second tattoo, the time to think and make decisions is greatly reduced.

As for why I'm obsessed with tattoos, I think it's because of my inner love. In addition to this most primitive desire and mentality, it is difficult to find a more suitable reason in the impetuous life. Because I really like it, I will get tattooed again and again. Hours of soreness are nothing in front of my sweetheart, and recovery periods are no taboo. Everything is worth it and willingly.

Is there an end to tattoos? Maybe you can only answer if you really like it.


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