Which one is better for you, black tattoo or color tattoo?
In all tattoo designs, except for spiny and tribal totem styles. Almost all tattoos are black and white, and other styles of tattoos are divided into black and white and color.
Do you know if you are suitable for a color tattoo or a black and white tattoo? Today we will talk about this topic together.
Let's first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of black and gray tattoos and color tattoos.
The black and gray tattoos are pure, simple and generous, giving people a sense of stability.
The three-dimensional and volume of the excellent black and gray works are shocking, and will not be disturbed by other colors. Monochrome pictures are more intense in light and shadow, light and dark contrast.

  • The advantages of black and gray tattoos:
1. Compared with color tattoos, the production time is shorter, and the pain of tattoos is lower than that of color tattoos.
2. Skin color has little effect on the effect of tattoos, especially for dark skin. The contrasting color is stronger than colored skin.
3. The influence of sunlight is relatively small, because even if the color fades, the contrast is still obvious.
4. Black and gray are neutral, will not conflict with the color of your clothes, almost all-match.
5. The price of black and gray tattoos from the same tattoo artist is generally lower than that of color tattoos.

  • So what are the characteristics of color tattoos?
Color tattoos are more dynamic than black and gray tattoos. Bright, gorgeous, and splendid colors give people an amazing feeling. At the same time, there will be more color combinations and creative inspiration space.
Features of color tattoos:
1. Making time will be longer than black and white tattoos. Complex color tattoos are even twice or three times the size of black and gray tattoo designs.
2. Color tattoos are more painful than black and white tattoos.
3. The cost of pigments and other consumables will also be higher.
4. Color tattoos have good hiding power, which can better cover existing failed tattoos or old tattoos.
5. On fair skin, contrasts such as purity and clarity can be formed, and the combination of warm and cold tones can bring more emotional expression to the pattern.
6. There is more color combination space than black and gray.
You can communicate the actual color of the tattoo with the tattoo artist. An experienced tattoo artist can provide you with perfect advice based on your skin tone and lifestyle.
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