These 4 types of people are the most addicted to tattoos
Many people say that tattooing can be addictive, and they are particularly scared when they get the first tattoo, but after the tattoo they want to get a second and third one! But in fact, some people get a tattoo once and never get it again. Some people love tattoos to their bones, so today let us take a look at everyone: tattoos, 4 most addictive people, see which one you belong to. ?

People with many stories. In the crowd, you will always see such a person with solemn eyes and silent back. It can be seen at a glance that this person is not simple.

Some people have experienced many things since childhood, happiness, joy, sadness and despair. They have experienced too many accidents, and they have also encountered countless big ups and downs. So they want to use tattoos to record every story. Addicted to tattoos.

People who like stimulation do not like tattoos. They enjoy the dopamine secretion brought by tattoos. When the tattoo needle pierces his skin, most people will feel pain, and such people will only feel endless happiness. They are usually not sensitive to pain, but like the tingling sensation.
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People who hope to use pain to relieve stress, in this era, everyone will experience all kinds of stress. Pressure is everywhere. We have to find a place to release all aspects of work, life, and interpersonal relationships. Some people choose to drink, some choose to exercise, and some choose to get tattoos. When being pierced, all the pressure can be released, it feels really good.

People who desire freedom. Such people are born to like freedom. They used the body as a canvas and painted beautiful patterns on the body. If they can, they will tattoo every part of their body. They don't care about the eyes of others. They ignore anyone's gossip, because they only yearn for freedom. In psychology, addiction is a compulsive behavior. We can't control ourselves, and we can't help but want to do something. Fortunately, tattoo addiction is not a bad thing. I have never heard of anyone around me who can’t eat without getting a tattoo, and I have never heard of getting a tattoo every day.

So what kind of experience is tattooing for you?




I’ve gotten 7 since December 2023 lol no plans to stop! May need a second job though

Chantil Lucas-Meek

Chantil Lucas-Meek

Maybe the author never heard of anyone getting a tattoo every day, but I would if I could. I think 9 in a year isn’t too bad…lol

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