A variety of tattoo furniture will be available soon

Electric tattoo client chair coming soon

After the frantic buying on Black Friday and Christmas, some styles of the TATARTIST tattoo guest chair are out of stock. All multifunctional tattoo master chairs are sold out! I want to thank all my friends for their continued support. I am lucky to inform you that next week we will prepare a lot of tattoo furniture for everyone.

The following models of products will be relaunched.
Tattoo Client Chair Series
TA-TC-01 Hydraulic tattoo guest chair, the king of cost-effective
TA-TC-07 Electric tattoo guest chair, high-end new product

Tattoo Master Chair Series
TA-AC-03 The backrest can be used as an armrest
TA-AC-05 The backrest can be turned as an armrest
TA-AC-07 Removable backrest
Three different shapes of multifunctional tattoo master chairs have different functions. But one thing in common is comfort. Seeing this, I believe you also want to buy a comfortable and good-quality work chair. I can guarantee that these three work chairs will give you a satisfactory feedback.

Tattoo Hand Rest Series
TA-AM-09 portable
TA-AR-10 is easy to carry
TA-AM-19 Super load bearing, super large size, must-buy product

Tattoo Tray
TA-WS-17 new tool cart with fully upgraded functions, so stay tuned.


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