Explosive Tattoo Mobile Tool Cart-Last 4 Pieces

Tatartist Tattoo Mobile Tool Cart

Tattoo tool cart This is a furniture and auxiliary tool often studied in tattoo circles.A good tool cart must not be cheap, because cheap always has only one advantage-cheap.TatArtist's tattoo tool cart TA-WS-15 is also more expensive, priced at US$199.

But this tattoo tool cart is definitely the king of cost performance.

1. 6 casters, stable base frame. The movement is smooth and there is no noise. It will not scratch the ground on wooden and tiled floors.

2. With a folding trash can, easy to take out. Very convenient for storing garbage. Easy to clean.

3. Multiple shelves, ink, paper towel rolls, glove box can be used. This is a full range of tattoo tool carts. As long as you have tattoo items, this tool cart can hold them.

4. The point is here, many customers will buy ipad brackets and LED lights.
This is a very perfect device. Don't worry about having no place to put your mobile phone and ipad, let alone the lights. This is really a great tattoo workbench.

All the above advantages only produced the last 4 TA-WS-15.
If you are also interested, hurry up and buy it!
Stop when sold out!
Thank you for your attention!


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