TatArtist Cool Tattoo -Inner Lip Tattoos

TatArtist Cool Tattoo -Inner Lip Tattoos

1. Does the inner lip tattoo hurt?
Tattoos can be very painful. If you have a strong ability to endure pain, I won't stop you from getting tattooed. But you are afraid of pain, I don't recommend that you take risks. But inner lip tattoos are really cool! Because even TatArtist dare not do it! I guess I will keep licking the tattoo on my inner lip and eat the ink into my body. The inner lip tattoo should fade easily.

However, inner lip tattoos are really cool. Many celebrities, football stars and ordinary people are gradually getting tattoos on their inner lips. Leave me a message, will you get an inner lip tattoo?

2. Are inner lip tattoos expensive?
According to the information I collected, it turns out that inner lip tattoos are not expensive at all. The price of a common inner lip tattoo is between US$50 and US$125. It depends on the tattoo studio and tattoo artist you choose.

3. Does inner lip tattoo fade and remove scars quickly?
The inner lip tattoo color disappeared quickly.
But you don't expect it to disappear without a trace, even if the wound is healed, it will still leave a slight scar. It also depends on the technique of the tattoo artist and the position and depth of the needle stick.

4. How to maintain inner lip tattoo?
Never eat spicy food, it will increase the burden of the wound. Colleagues should be careful not to rinse their mouths with raw water and toothpaste. It is best to use a non-alcoholic mouthwash and a light diet so as not to breed too many bacteria.
Do not drink, smoke or eat seafood.

What was the design of your first tattoo and which part was it?
Would you choose to tattoo your inner lip? Please leave a message to tatartist to share.

Tatartist inner lip tattoos

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