The Most Difficult Tattoo Coloring Method To Master

In the process of tattooing, many times we need to use multiple colors. So how to master the order of coloring is the most important part of color matching. Only by mastering this link will there be no unclear, turbid, and dim colors. Here to share an unchanging universal law, if you find it useful, you can first collect it. However, if you think what I said is wrong, you are welcome to seek guidance.


  • The general formula of tattoo color matching: from dark to light, from warm to cold.
  • Chroma refers to the change in hue.
  • Cool and warm colors refer to the difference in color system.

Suppose we need to use the following colors when operating a tattoo: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, purple, coffee and other colors. So how should we arrange their order according to the general formula?
Think about it first, and wait until we reveal the answer.

The correct order is: black, brown, purple, red, blue, green, yellow, white.
This sorting conforms to the order from deep to shallow, from warm to cold. If you are not familiar, you can learn more first.
Six colors are emphasized here, all of which are commonly used in tattoos. Generally speaking, tattoos and aesthetics are the same. Don't paint a picture colorful, it will feel inconsistent and kitsch.

When choosing a pigment, you must choose a pigment with fine texture, high saturation, fast coloring, and pure powder quality.
DYNAMIC pigments are safe, non-irritating and easy to color. I believe many friends in the industry know this.

Here I have also compiled some color toning announcements for tattoo beginners:
Sky blue + grass green = blue green cinnabar + a small amount of black = brown
Sky blue + yellow = grass green, pink green
Sky blue + black + purple = light blue purple
Grass green + a small amount of black = dark green
Sky blue + black = light gray blue
Sky blue + grass green = blue and green
White + red + black small amount = wine red
Sky blue + yellow + black = ink blue
White + yellow + black = dark brown
Rose red + a small amount of black = dark red

Today I will introduce some color matching formulas to you, and tomorrow I will share the color matching methods of the remaining colors.
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