A True Portrayal Of The Tattoo Artist.

The first time you got a tattoo:

(I have no love to live, I'm so afraid I'm dying)


You after the first tattoo

(The most handsome man in the whole village)


 The pain you imagined before the first tattoo.

(The hellish pain of chainsaw)


Actually the pain you feel as a tattoo artist


(The most "cruel" technique in the world)


Do you imagine the handsome tattoo artist


What the tattoo artist actually looks like


Do you imagine the nightlife of a tattoo artist

(you thought the tattoo artist relied on the dance floor and alcohol.)



 The actual nightlife of the tattooist

(Tattoo artist practice drawing every night)


 Do you think the income of the tattoo artist

 (In the eyes of others, the working hours of a tattoo artist are very expensive! Life is extravagant)


Actual income of tattoo artist

(It is very hard to be a tattoo artist at the beginning, and the money will be spent on buying tattoo tools. So respect every tattoo artist.)



The embarrassing moment of the tattoo artist

Guests always like to ask: "Master, what kind of tattoo do you think my shape is suitable for?"

The tattoo artist's content monologue:I do not know


When the tattoo artist submits the manuscript to the client for review

(Tattooist accused of guilt)


When the first draft of the tattoo artist satisfies the client


When the tattoo artist asked for a modification for the first time

(Customers are God, smile to God.)


 When the tattoo artist was revised for the second time


When the tattoo artist is revised for the third time or more


Please be kind to your tattoo artist, every friend, more understanding of the world will be more beautiful.

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