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Tattoo Client Chair TA-TC-01 | TA-TC-04 In stock!

TA-TC-01 is a classic hydraulic tattoo chair. Loved by tattoo artists, it is the best-selling product in our shop. In the past 6 months of 2021, our tattoo chairs continued to be sold out after continuous replenishment. You can know how cost-effective the TatArtist tattoo chair is.

1. The hydraulic lifting height is convenient to meet the work needs of the tattoo artist. Different tattoo artists have different heights, so the adjustable height is very friendly to tattoo artists.
2. The backrest of the tattoo chair is adjustable, and the backrest can be adjusted to the lying state, which is convenient for the tattoo artist to tattoo the client's back, and the client is more comfortable when lying down.
3. High-density sponge enhances customer comfort and experience. Many customers report that sitting on another tattoo chair for a long time will cause their body to become paralyzed. Therefore, TatArtist deliberately changed the sponge to a high-density sponge, and the entire software consists of 4 layers of sponge. Greatly improve the comfort of the chair.
Note: However, TA-TC-01's tattoo chair is small in size and suitable for people of average body/weight.

TA-TC-01 Tattoo Client Chair Products Show - Smooth soft without streaks)

TA-TC-04 Tattoo Client Chair is a widened, enlarged and extended version. It is suitable for customers with bigger body.


TA-TC-04 Tattoo Client Chair Products Show - The software has obvious lines)

This is the price difference of TA-TC-01 | TA-TC-04 I hope everyone can read it clearly before buying.

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