Perfect Fit XL TATARTIST Armrest TA-AM-21

Perfect Fit XL TATARTIST Armrest


The TA-AM-21 armrest is a universal tattoo aid in size XL, suitable for any TATARTIST chair:

The TA-AM-21 armrest is a fixed piece specially designed for the TATARTIST chair, which fits perfectly with the chair and provides a stable and comfortable surface for arm tattooing. No matter which TATARTIST chair is used, the user can enjoy the advantages of this armrest.

Provides a stable, comfortable tattooing surface:

The TA-AM-21 armrest features wide foam padding to provide a stable and comfortable surface for arm tattoos. Such a design ensures that the artist has a reliable support point when tattooing, and at the same time provides customers with a sense of comfort, making the whole tattooing process smoother and more enjoyable.

360° adjustable soft case and silk-smooth adjustable high-quality air valve stem:

The TA-AM-21 armrests come with adjustable 360° soft covers and silky smooth adjustable high quality air bars. This soft case allows the artist to adjust the angle of the armrest as needed for better access to all angles of the arm. And the air rod adjustment allows the artist to easily control and adjust the position of the armrest. Additionally, the height of the base is also adjustable, allowing artists to use it as a sturdy foot rest for extra support and balance.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF TA-AM-21 Armrests Perfect fit with TATARTIST chairs, stable and comfortable tattooing surface, and perfect adjustability and convenience, providing ultimate comfort and flexibility for artists and clients.


1.Q: Are the XL Armrest free shipping in the US?

A: The XL Tattoo Arm Rest ships free in the continental United States. Free shipping in parts of Canada (click this page for details).

2. Q: Can the color of the tattoo hand rest be customized?

A: The color of the tattoo hand rest can be customized. However, the wait time may be longer and some additional fees may apply. (Please leave a message to me what color you like)

3.Q: Is there a discount for buying multiple pieces of tattoo furniture

A: Any purchase of 4 or more pieces of furniture can enjoy a 5% discount. The system automatically discounts when placing an order.

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