Why do American tattoo artists like TATARTIST chair?

TATARTIST electric tattoo client chair 


TATARTIST's TA-TC-07 Electric Tattoo Guest Chair combines years of tattoo furniture experience into a fully functional, multi-position premium chair. The chair features an advanced motorized control system that offers several benefits.

First of all, the electric control of the feet makes it very convenient to adjust the height of the chair. Users can easily adjust the height of the chair by simply using the foot control buttons or pedals without cumbersome manual operations. This greatly improves work efficiency, allowing tattoo artists to focus more on the tattooing process without the distraction of adjusting the height of the chair.

Second, electric foot controls provide more precise and smooth adjustments. Thanks to the motorized system, the user can precisely control the height of the chair according to their needs, enabling fine adjustments. At the same time, the electric control system can provide a smooth ascent and descent process, avoiding sudden movement or vibration, providing guests with a more comfortable and safe experience.

In addition, electric foot control also adds convenience and ergonomic design. Tattooists can easily make height adjustments with the foot control buttons or pedals without leaving their working position. This convenience allows tattoo artists to better focus on the tattoo process and provide a better service experience.

To sum up, electric control of feet is an important advantage of TATARTIST TA-TC-07 electric tattoo guest chair, which provides convenient height adjustment, precise and smooth operation and humanized design, bringing tattoo artists and guests Better user experience.



 TATARTIST electric tattoo client chair TA-TC-07 The electric tattoo client chair with a seat that can rotate 45° left and right has many advantages:

Provide better work flexibility: The function of seat rotation left and right allows tattoo artists to easily adjust the angle of the seat to suit different work needs. Whether it is a side tattoo or a front tattoo, the tattoo artist can rotate the seat to the best angle according to the needs of the customer and the location of the tattoo area, so as to obtain a better working angle and comfort.

Provide better customer experience: The left and right rotation function of the seat can provide guests with a more convenient and comfortable experience. At times, clients may need to change positions or adjust for comfort during the tattoo process without leaving the chair. With the seat swivel function, guests can easily adjust their position for better posture and comfort, while also reducing unnecessary movement and distraction.

Improves efficiency of the tattooing process: Seat side-to-side swivel capability allows tattoo artists to access different tattoo areas more quickly without having to reposition the chair or have clients turn around. This saves time, improves work efficiency, and allows tattoo artists to focus more on the tattoo process without having to frequently adjust the position of the chair during the process.

Accommodates Guests of Different Sizes: Each guest's size and comfort preferences may be different. The left and right rotation function of the seat allows the tattoo artist to adjust the angle of the seat according to the body shape of the client to provide better support and comfort. This ensures that clients remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the tattooing process, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Overall, the ability to swivel the seat seat side to side brings flexibility, convenience, and increased productivity to the electric tattoo guest chair, while also providing better customer experience and adaptability.

  • Removable pillow with plush face hole for face-down position:

TATARTIST TA-TC-07 Electric Tattoo Guest Chair is equipped with a removable pillow, which is also designed with a face hole. This pillow can be easily installed and removed as needed. The face hole is designed to allow guests to use it in a face-down position, providing comfortable support for the guest's face and allowing for easier breathing. Such a design not only provides better comfort, but also provides tattoo artists with better access to the tattooed area.

  • Full range leg rest adjustment, from 0° flat to 90° down slope:

TATARTIST TA-TC-07 Electric Tattoo Guest Chair has full-range leg rest adjustment, which can achieve an adjustment range from 0°flat to 90°downward tilt. The tattoo artist can easily adjust the angle of the leg rest to provide optimal support and comfort based on the client's needs and the location of the tattooed area. Whether the leg needs to be laid flat in a comfortable position or the leg needs to be tilted down to better expose the tattooed area, this feature meets the needs of tattoo artists and clients alike.

  • Full backrest adjustment, from 90° upright to 180° flat:

TATARTIST TA-TC-07 electric tattoo guest chair also has a full range of backrest adjustment function, which can be adjusted from 90°upright to 180°flat. This means that guests can adjust the backrest to the optimum angle according to their needs and comfort. Whether you need to sit upright for better support or lay flat for relaxation, this feature provides flexible adjustment options. At the same time, for some special tattoo needs, such as back tattoos or large-area tattoos, the flat backrest can also provide a better working angle and convenience.

The integrated design of these three features makes the TATARTIST TA-TC-07 Electric Tattoo Guest Chair an excellent feature in providing comfort, adjustability, and convenience. These features provide ideal support and adjustment options, whether it is for the comfort of the client or the needs of the tattooist's work.

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