How to distinguish the XXL Armrest of Tatartist?

TATARTIST Tattoo XXL Armrest

TATARTIST Tattoo XXL Armrest
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The necessary tattoo furniture in the tattoo studio is the launching pad for the success of the tattoo artist.
TATARTIST Tattoo XXL Armrest

【USA】2023 NEW XL tattoo hand rest TA-AM-21 air rod version

Heavy duty tattoo hand rest


  • Colour: Black
  • Product Size:
  1. Height 70-96cm, 27.5-37.8 inches
  2. Cushion 31*69cm, 12.2-27.2 inches
  3. Base frame 36*56cm, 14.2-22 inches
  • Function:
  1. Lifting 70-96cm, 27.5-37.8 inches
  2. Inclination: 0-20°
  • Cushion rotation angle: 0-180°


  1. Upgraded version, the height can be adjusted through the pneumatic telescopic rod, and the operation is more convenient by easily twisting the wrench
  2. Does not take up space, strong storage capacity, sufficient storage space.
  3. The pedals are firm and do not shake.
  4. Multi-function adjustment. Height and angle can be adjusted according to needs, the highest is 37.8 inches, the lowest is 27.5. The angle of the hand cushion can be adjusted 0-20°
  5. The inclination of the cushion can also be adjusted from 0-180°, which is designed for tattoo artists to find a comfortable working posture faster.
  6. Thickened metal pipe, not easy to deform, strong load-bearing capacity.
  7. Different tool trays and paper towel holders can be added to the metal iron frame, which is easy to disassemble, can be washed and cleaned directly, and is anti-rust.
  8. With four layers of ultra-thick and high-resilience sponge, the tattoo artist will not have buttock numbness after working for a long time.
  9. PVC leather is waterproof and dye seepage, anti-corrosion, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.


TATARTIST Tattoo XXL Armrest

【USA+CA】Heavy Duty Tattoo Hand Rest, Adjustable Holder For Tattoo Studio Artist TA-AM-20



  1. Colour: Black
  2. Product Size:
  3. Height 68-108cm; 26.8-42.6 inches
  4. Soft cushion 32 * 70cm; 12.6-27.6 inches
  5. Bottom frame 35 * 55cm; 13.8-21.7 inches
  6. Lifting height 68-108cm; 26.8-42.6 inches
  7. Angle of inclination: 0-30°
  8. Soft cushion rotation angle: 0-180°


  • Feature:

  1. It does not take up space and has a strong storage space. You can add ipad holders, tissue holders, ink holders, etc.
  2. The metal chassis pedal is firm and will not shake.
  3. Multifunctional adjustment. The height and angle can be adjusted as needed, the highest is 108CM and the lowest is 68CM. The tilt angle of the cushion can be adjusted 0-30°.
  4. The cushion can be rotated and adjusted within the range of 0-180°, so the tattoo artist can find a comfortable working posture faster.
  5. The thickened metal pipe is not easy to deform and has strong load-bearing capacity.
  6. The metal iron rack can be equipped with different tool trays and paper towel racks, which are easy to disassemble, can be cleaned easily and directly, and prevent rust.
  7. The tattoo artist uses 4-layer super-thick and high-elastic sponge, which will not numb the buttocks after working for a long time.
  8. PVC leather is waterproof, will not leak dyes, is corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean.
TATARTIST Tattoo XXL Armrest

【USA+CA】Custom Tattoo Armrest, Tattoo Footrest DIY Tattoo Accessories TA-AM-19

  • Specification:
  1. *Material: PU leather, iron
  2. *Colour: Black
  3. *Sponge support plate: 70 (L) * 32 (W) cm; 27.5 (L) * 12.6 (W) inches
  4. *Adjustable height: 68-108cm; 26.8-43 inches
  5. *Base size: 55 (L) * 35 (W) CM; 21.6 (L) * 13.8 (W) inches
  6. *Weight: 12KG
  • Feature:
  1. Extended and widened heavy-duty hand pad, equipped with a sturdy frame and thick 4-layer foam pad, safe and stable, suitable for customers of different body types.
  2. Tattoo bracket. The iron base weighs 12 kg and can provide stability for the tattoo holder. The base frame is stable and non-slip, fully supporting the arm and leg rest.
  3. Fully adjustable height (68-100 cm) to meet different needs.
  4. The armrest pad can be freely adjusted more than 180 degrees according to your needs.
  5. Super comfortable and soft. The tattoo armrest consists of an armrest pad and a sturdy structural frame. Soft and thick pillows provide the best comfort for the arms, legs and feet. You can freely adapt the work surface to the customer's skin to ensure customers' comfort.
  6. Simple assembly. It can be assembled in 3 minutes. The cushion is made of leather. The soft and thick padding makes the arms, legs and feet feel comfortable. The leather case is easy to clean and can be wiped with a towel.
  7. You can install brackets, paper towel rolls, airplane boxes (optional) on both sides of the iron frame.
  8. Very suitable for lifting hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, feet or legs. It is a must for tattoos.


About TATARTIST XXL armrest FAQ:

1. Q:How much weight can a tattoo XXL armrest hold?

A:Around 200 lbs

2. Q:Will this tattoo armrest be easy to shake?
A:Make sure the screws are fully tightened. If the screw is not in the correct position, retighten it.

3.Q:How to clean hand rest?
A:When cleaning tattoo armrests, use only non-aggressive medical-grade disinfectants that are non-toxic to human skin. Do not use harsh cleaning agents, such as those used to disinfect tattoo machines or medical instruments. Do not use industrial or household solvents.


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