50+ Best Tattoo Ideas in 2020-Animal Tattoo

 It’s quite easy to understand the allure of animal themed tattoo choices. Most animal tattoos come with their owning meaning, symbolism and style versatility that can be applied to body art design, while domestic pets – from the humble goldfish through to man’s best friend, the dog – all convey deeply personal connections.

  1. Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes freedom, change, and femininity. The versatility and allure of butterflies is multiplied by the fact they can feature in any color palette or tattoo style.

  1. Eagle Tattoo

One of the most enduring symbols of freedom, the eagle tattoo has gone from an American traditional staple to become one of the most popular contemporary depictions of photo realism, or garish new wave brightness.

  1. Feather Tattoo

For some, a feather tattoo is related purely to a love of birds. Others connect the feather symbolically to travel, freedom, the dreams of flight, and supernatural omens.

  1. Lion Tattoo

The King of the Jungle is a popular tattoo subject across the tattoo world. Lions represent self-control and discipline in Africa, are symbols of royalty and strength in Europe, and were central to balance in Ancient Egyptian civilization. A creature of beauty, force, power and charisma, lions are arguably realism tattoo’s most popular subject.

  1. Octopus Tattoo

An octopus tattoo is often is a reminder that through different situations in life it’s best to be flexible to solve problems. The octopus is a mysterious, fluid sea creature that entertains and instills fear in equal measure.

  1. Owl Tattoo

An owl tattoo is representative of wisdom and knowledge. In tribal cultures they are linked with death and the oncoming loss of life, while in Eastern mythology the Owl is considered good, protective Feng Shui.

  1. Phoenix Tattoo

A phoenix tattoo means regeneration, rebirth and new beginnings and is heavily linked to renewal by fire. The phoenix is spiritually connected to transformation, death, and rebirth, with a rising phoenix symbolizing an individual has braved the fire of difficult times but has survived and regenerated to start again in a better frame.

  1. Raven Tattoo

A black raven represents the duality of good and the bad. It can represent death, darkness and destruction, but is also a symbol of rebirth, recovery, renewal and healing. In Norse theology Odin’s ravens symbolized mind, thought, and wisdom, and the bird is often cited in ancient mythologies for its intelligence.

  1. Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos are some of the most powerful images in the tattoo world and are extremely versatile in the way they are depicted on the wearer’s skin.

  1. Wolf Tattoo

Another tremendously versatile animal theme, a wolf tattoo traditionally symbolizes loyalty, strength, and instinct.

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