Tattoo chair recommended by the Tatartist

A quality tattoo chair can mean the world of difference in how professional your tattooing space looks and how comfortable your clients are. We’ve gathered the best options from tattoo specific tables designs.

Tatartist Electric Tattoo Bed


  • Smooth electric adjustments
  • Leg rests are independent
  • Includes removable armrests
  • Converts to rear-facing
  • Removable headrest
  • On locking casters
  • Remote for adjustments
  • Five-year warranty

 If you’re looking for a high level of customization with smooth electric transitions the Electric Tatartist may be for you.

 Every part of this chair is designed with tattoo artists in mind with everything from the leg rests, armrests, back, footrest, and headrest being adjustable.

 Using the included foot control you can raise or lower the entire chair for your client’s comfort and to bring them up to a more ergonomic working height for you. Anything that can help you avoid working bent over is a good investment.

 With the leg rests tucked in all the way to the sides, the Tatartist becomes a great rear-facing chair for working on backs. The backrest allows the client to comfortably straddle the chair and the leg rests are out of the way so the artist can get up close. To make this position even more comfortable for your clients, there is an armbar on the back of the seat for them to grip and an adjustable footrest on the back of the chair.

 The pillow portion comes away to reveal a padded cushion with a cutout for laying face down. It does recline to be completely flat as well.

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