50+ Best Tattoo Ideas in 2020-Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

In contemporary tattoo art there are myriad meanings and application styles dedicated to getting the most out of your flower tattoo idea. From traditional tributes of roses to mom in ink, to sprawling kaleidoscopes of mandalas, or even the transcendent beauty of cherries in bloom, flower tattoo designs can lead a piece of body art or be a key complementary facet.

 Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are a staple of Japanese irezumi – they’re known as sakura – and are becoming more heavily used in western style tattoo. The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty and fragility, and are symbolic of early spring in Japan.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Lotus flower (or Padma) is regarded as a symbol of purity enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. The opening of the lotus flower petals are symbols of spiritual awakening and the expansion of the soul. The lotus is a popular tattoo for devotees of Eastern religion and meditative practices such as yoga.

Rose Tattoo

If you’re a tattoo artist in the States and you can’t etch a quality traditional rose, then you’ll be looking for a new gig in a hurry. Traditional roses are used to signify, amplify and commemorate love and beauty, and can be incorporate into numerous different style application.

Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers are a welcome tattoo design because they symbolize strength and joy; tall and bright, they constantly stretch towards the sun. Linked most often with summer, the sunflower is a personality design concept that brims with positivity and good energy.

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