【Mexico】TOP Vertical Lift Electric Tattoo Client Chair TA-TC-07

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Vertical Lift Electric Tattoo Client Chair

  • Product Size:
Total length of chair: 168cm / 67in
Backrest length: 49cm / 20in
Seat length: 42cm / 17in
Leg length: 44cm / 18in
Seat width: 53cm / 21in
Including armrest width: 74cm / 30in
Chair height: 59-77cm / 24-31in

  • Product adjustment function:
1. Manually adjust the inclination of the backrest, the inclination angle is 0-90°.
2. The legs can be adjusted manually, and the supporting angle is 0-90°.
3. The whole seat rotates manually, 45° left and right.
4. The overall electric vertical adjustment, 18cm (8in) .

  • Product advantages:
1. The product is safe and stable, and thick metal materials are used, and the quality is worry-free.
2. CE certified high-quality, safe motor and long service life.
3. Upgraded version of vertical lifting, safe operation, space saving and better customer experience.
4. Load-bearing 200KG, quality is worry-free.
5. High-quality skin-friendly leather, giving customers a good sense of experience.
6. High resilience and comfortable sponge, giving customers maximum comfort.
7. This product does not need to be installed, it can be used right out of the box.

  • 12-month warranty.

TA-TC-07 Detailed display video

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