【Mexico】 Simple Style Hydraulic Tattoo Client Chair TA-TC-22C

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Hydraulic tattoo client chair

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product details:
Length: 69.86''
Width: 22.63''
height: 23.22''-28.74''
Back Length: 30.7''
Seat Length: 20.66''
Leg Length: 18.5''
Extendable length of legs: 0-6.29''

Backrest Features:

  1. Versatile and comprehensive adjustment: The backrest angle can be freely adjusted from 0 to 76 degrees, providing comfortable support and optimal posture.
  2. Convenient and effortless: Easily adjust the backrest position without requiring excessive effort or complex operations, offering convenience and comfort.
  3. Rust-resistant: Made with materials that resist rust, ensuring long-term durability and maintaining its appearance and functionality.
  4. Sturdy alloy construction: Constructed with a robust alloy, the backrest can withstand heavy weight and pressure, ensuring safety and stability.

Hydraulic Pump Features:

  1. Solid and reliable: Designed to withstand prolonged and high-intensity operations, making it suitable for tattoo studio environments.
  2. Durable: Long lifespan and durability, capable of enduring repeated adjustments and frequent use while maintaining stable and reliable performance.
  3. Smooth sliding: Excellent sliding performance ensures a smooth lifting process and easy height adjustment, providing a comfortable and precise experience.
  4. Strong weight-bearing capacity: Offers powerful weight-bearing capacity to stably support heavy loads and pressure, ensuring reliability and stability.

Tattoo Guest Chair Sponge Features:

  1. High rebound sponge: Utilizes a high rebound sponge that quickly restores its original shape, providing clients with a stable and soft seating experience.
  2. Strong resilience: The sponge exhibits exceptional resilience, maintaining its shape over extended periods without deformation or sagging, offering clients long-lasting support and comfort.
  3. Excellent heat dissipation: The sponge material possesses excellent heat dissipation properties, effectively dissipating body heat and keeping clients cool and comfortable during the tattooing process.
  4. High breathability: The sponge offers superior breathability, promoting air circulation to prevent heat buildup and moisture, keeping clients' skin dry and well-ventilated.

Powerful Advantages of the Multi-functional Adjustable Chair:

  1. Sturdy frame: Ensures stability and reliability, with no wobbling. It provides a height adjustment range of 23.22" to 28.74" and allows for lifting and adjustment while seated.
  2. 360-degree rotation: The chair can fully rotate 360 degrees, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

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