【USA】LED Ring Tattoo Light - 18" Adjustable Tri-Color

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LED ring tattoo light-18 inches adjustable three colors
Dermalogic's Halo Light has 3 color modes, fully adjustable brightness, a 75-inch extendable tripod and a central phone stand. This halo light is very suitable for photography, tattoo, makeup, professional salon use, Instagram, live broadcast and other social uses.
It has adjustable light temperature, ranging from soft white, warm white and warm yellow. At 18 inches, the led ring light is large enough to be used at a long distance. The second dial controls the brightness of the light between 0 and 100%. Using 192 lamp beads, this lamp ratio is the most, and can illuminate the entire room.
Dermalogic’s LED Halo lamps provide charming, soft, almost shadow-free light quality, and present charming ring-shaped light reflections in the subject’s eyes. This Halo ring light can help you quickly get beautiful studio quality media without adding any filters or editing. The easy-to-use lighting control knob allows you to dial in brightness from 0-100%, eliminating the hassle of moving back and forth to achieve the desired light intensity. Temperature control from warm to cold can help you match your surroundings and ambient light.

Features and specifications:

Tall and adjustable tripod: The Dermalogic aluminum alloy tripod for the ring light can extend from 18 inches to 75 inches, enabling it to extend beyond 6 feet and giving you more versatility. The three ends of the tripod are equipped with rubber plugs, which can always keep the light ring stable and fixed in place.
360° lighting rotation: The 18-inch ring illuminator can be rotated in any direction to adapt to each angle. When you want to point the light in a longer direction, you can adjust the knob on the tripod to maintain a firmer fit.
More LED lamp beads: The LED halogen lamp has nearly 200 lamp beads, which can be used at a long distance to illuminate your subject, even better than previously thought.

Whole package:

1 x Dermalogic 18" LED ring light,
1 x tripod stand bag,
1 x adjustable tripod stand,
1 x flexible phone stand

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