【EU】Tattoo Piercing Steel Tray TA-WS-17

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Tattoo Piercing Steel Tray TA-WS-17

  • Product Size:
    1. Height: 22-38 inches
    2. Base frame diameter: 23inches
    3. Tray: 23(L)*23(W)*22-39(H) inches
  • Product appearance/function upgrade breakdown:

1.Tattoo mobile tool station, lighter body and stronger storage space.
2. The world's first appearance design, exclusive in the United States.
3. The tattoo load-bearing bracket has a trash can, a tissue holder and a glove storage holder. One tool station, three additional functions.
4. The S.S 430 anticorrosive tray can be used to place tattoo dyes, and the three holes can be used to place other tattoo aids. E.g. Tattoo gun
5. The foldable trash can is convenient for storage and reduces the loss during transportation.
6. The knife table can be adjusted up and down, and the tray direction can be rotated 360°.

Product Details:

1. With lockable pulleys, ultra-quiet pulleys, no damage to the floor.
2. The operation of the height-adjustable control lock is simple and convenient.
3. The metal surface of the bottom frame is sprayed with plastic, which is durable and scratch-resistant.
4.Loads up to 150 g

  • 12-month warranty.

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