【USA】Adjustable Ergonomic Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Chair With Backrest TA-AC-05

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Tatartist tattoo gas chair lift stool is designed for therapists and can be used during professional tattoo and beauty.


Adjustable ergonomic hydraulic tattoo artist chair

Functional comfortable tattoo studio chair TA-AC-05


  • Parameter

Total height of chair: 92-122 cm

Backrest height: 22 cm

Backrest length: 48 cm

Backrest extension height: 24-40 cm

Chair lift height: 46-60 cm

Chair bottom frame length: 64 cm

Soft seat length: 50 cm

Soft seat width: 45 cm


  • Product Features:

  1. The backrest can be rotated at an angle of 0-180°. The unique rotating backrest angle is deeply loved by customers.
  2. The backrest can be pushed back and forth. Adjustable back/chest bracket can be locked at any desired angle.
  3. The backrest can be adjusted up and down. Retractable/removable backrest customized for your comfort.
  4. Thicken 4 layers of high resilience sponge. The client will not feel numb but comfortable after sitting for a long time.
  5. Waterproof and antifouling PVC leather, easy to take care of, and the leather is wear-resistant.
  6. SGS-certified lifting air pole is safe and guaranteed.
  7. Super quiet, super smooth PU pulley.
  8. 3 manually adjustable hand boards, easy to operate.
  1. The chair can support 300 pounds and can roll on a stable base with 5 wheels.
  2. The metal chassis is stable, will not shake, and has strong handling.
  3. Easy to install, it can be fully installed in 5 minutes. (We will offer installation videos)
  • 12-month warranty.

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