Why You Can't Tattoo and Pierce Animals

TATARTIST tattoo furniture advocates not to tattoo and wear earrings on pets

With the rise of the pet grooming industry, there are more and more grooming supplies for pets. In addition to the most basic items such as hair trimming and dyeing, there are also value-added operations such as tattooing and double eyelid cutting.
Earrings for cats? tattoo?

I recently found a picture on social media that made me feel pitiful.
The news that a hairless cat was tattooed by its owner was on the hot search, attracting the attention of many netizens.

Here's the thing, a woman posted about her pet online: a hairless cat. But it was such a simple cat video that made netizens furious.

As we all know, hairless cats are very delicate cats. Because they have no hair, they are afraid of the cold and the sun. The owner who raises them needs to take good care of them, otherwise it will be difficult to raise them.

But in this case, the owner not only failed to take good care of its skin, but even got tattoos all over its back.

Thinking about it from another angle, human tattoos need to go through difficult choices, because it will be very painful, let alone cats? This is not my own will, how can people not be angry?

The final result was reversed.
Faced with overwhelming accusations on the Internet, the current owner is also extremely wronged. She clarified that the cat was bought by a friend and the tattoo on her body was done by the original owner.

The current owner said that a friend bought it because he saw the cat was very pitiful. When it came, one of its ears was still pierced, and it was always red, swollen and inflamed. Whenever its wound hurts, it rubs its head against its ear, and the ear always bleeds. At that time, in order to take off the earring for it, the woman's husband was bitten by it.

But now that I have been with the cat for a few months, the cat also regards itself as a family member. The family is very happy now, and they must take good care of it in the future to prevent it from being wronged.

Many netizens breathed a sigh of relief after watching the woman's clarification video, but they still feel distressed. It is hard to imagine what kind of torture the cat went through and how much pain it endured.

The woman said that now she takes good care of the cat every day, feeding it hairy crab legs, live chickens, and a lot of fruit. I am doing well now, I hope netizens can rest assured.

The original owner likes tattoos so much, why don't you get one yourself? Why would you make cats suffer?

All friends who rear animals, TATARTIST tattoo furniture appeals to you, let's love animals together. Don't let them get hurt.

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