How can I open a tattoo parlor?

TATARTIST- Tattoo Furniture| How can I open a tattoo parlor?

When you read this article, it means that your dream of being a tattoo artist has been buried in your mind for a long time. Now that you have finally acted, calculate whether your capital can open a tattoo parlor in an urban area of the United States.

In fact, it is not particularly difficult to open a tattoo shop. After all, the equipment and various resources can be deployed by you. I'm not actually advocating that you rent out other people's tattoo studios as co-working spaces. Because you will lose your customer resources at any time. Therefore, if your ability allows, be sure to set up a tattoo studio dedicated to yourself. The location doesn't need to be huge, but it's where your dreams come from.

Below, TATARTIST calculates the cost and prep work of opening a shop for a dream tattoo artist.

Total Cost
According to the exchange data between TATARTIST and cooperative tattoo merchants and tattoo artists, the average cost of opening a tattoo shop in the United States is about 27,000 US dollars. Of course, you can reduce the cost of opening a store by cutting costs. After cutting costs, you can start a tattoo parlor for as little as $15,000. For example, you can find a place that is a little out of the way and not in a busy downtown area. Or you can look for the website of TATARTIST tattoo furniture when choosing tattoo furniture. You'll find great deals on tattoo chairs and tattoo workstations at TATARTIST. You basically don't have to worry about buying expensive furniture for your tattoo parlor. TATARTIST official purchase website: If you need to purchase more than one product, you can also contact the background customer service, maybe you can get more discounts (there are many cashback forms for discounts, and there may be discounts after confirmation of receipt Cashback, please contact the background customer service for more discounts).

Charge Details:
1. Store rent. Paid about $1500 per month.
2. Furniture, tattoo gun ink, cleaning and disinfection equipment. It should be no less than $100 per month.
3. Employees. Based on market rates, first-year salary costs for a tattoo parlor with two highly skilled tattoo artists can be as high as $136,192.
4. Other expenses. Fees for business licenses, permits and liability insurance. Employee benefits or employee payroll taxes.

I believe that now everyone has a preliminary understanding of opening a tattoo shop (in terms of funds and licenses). Hope TATARTIST tattoo furniture can always accompany you to realize your career dream.

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