What are you thinking when you get a tattoo?

The tattoo was first handed down by the Maori people, with shark teeth and animal bone spurs tied up with sticks dipped in ink and hammered into the skin with a small hammer. The second is to tie a few needles to a wooden stick and pierce the skin with your hands. The third is to use a motor to drive the needle into the skin. This method is commonly used by tattoo artists today. The tattooing process is also more painful for first-timers.

The modern understanding of tattoos is all-encompassing and highly individual. This permanent pattern of mild pain will accompany a person throughout his life. In this process of physical memory, everyone's understanding is different, and the physical stimulation is enjoyable for some people, and some people want to struggle. Do you remember what you were thinking when you got your tattoo?

Let me know in the comments.

Do you think this male tattoo artist is very handsome? Not sure if you are single?
Is this female tattoo artist really temperamental? I wonder if there is a chance to have dinner with her?
Have you ever had such an experience?

Thinking about your partner who broke up with you? Do you still love him/her? Regret breaking up with him/her?

Want to be sure to show off my cool tattoo to friends after getting a tattoo! ?

I think you must be thinking about people!
Is it your relative, lover, friend, boss?

Thinking about your own life plan?

Whatever you're thinking, it must be something you value. People and things that make you unforgettable.

whatever you want?
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