Advantages of Tatartist Tattoo Coil Machine TA-TK-02

Traditional tattoo machines are also known as coil machines. It uses the electromagnetic principle to drive the needle to move up and down through the spray and suction effect of the coil.

The weight of the whole machine is moderate, the hand feel is good, and the appearance is very atmospheric.
The advantages of the  Coil Machine TA-TK-02 :
1. Large area coloring is very easy to control and saves a lot of time.
2. With shrapnel buffer, the operation is easy to grasp.
3. The coil machine has advantages on the secant line due to its large slap force, high adjustability, and easier control of skin lesions.
4. The lines made are relatively smooth and neat, especially the parts with a lot of meat.
5. Using aluminum material, it is lighter than other metal coil machines.

Therefore, for experienced tattoo artists, we highly recommend you to buy this tattoo coil machine.
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