The price has risen, and TATARTIST remains unchanged.
The cost of cross-border container transportation has soared 8 times in one year

American consumers will usher in the holiday season of soaring prices
In the past few months, American consumers have experienced an overall increase in prices.
As the US holiday season approaches, consumers may face a winter shopping season in which prices soar again. According to CNN, consumers may not see price declines until the second half of 2022. According to Bank of America, the cost of shipping cross-border containers has soared in recent months.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping a 40-foot container from Shanghai to New York cost approximately US$2,000, now it costs US$16,000. Many companies have warned that inflation in the United States may increase further.

Some TATARTIST products have increased in price.
The increase in the cost of materials and labor and the increase in labor costs, we really have no way to increase the price. An enterprise must at least guarantee the salary guarantee of its employees, please be considerate.

At the moment when labor costs are soaring, TATARTIST still maintains the preferential policy of one free shipping in the United States. I hope to reduce the purchase cost for the majority of customers, and at the same time advocate the spirit of mutual benefit.

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