Very Popular Tattoo-The Immortal Phoenix

Phoenix tattoos are one of the most sought after tattoos, mainly because they are extremely symbolic.
phoe-nix has the reputation of "Phoenix" and "Longevity Bird", and is a symbol of "immortality".

The concept of rebirth has become a metaphor of regeneration and transformation that many people agree with, and has accelerated the popularity of the phoenix as the theme of tattoo culture.

In this article, we will discuss the poignant story of the birth of the phoenix together.

When the world was still a god, there were two phoenixes in the sky. They love each other and live a happy life. They are sacred birds and live a carefree, happy and laughing life every day. But Zeus defeated his god's uncle and brother with the lightning in his hand. He loved many women in the world and gave birth to many offspring. His wife Hera thought it disrupted the order of heaven, earth, and realm and started a war. Because of Kong Wu's powerful wings, the Phoenix flew fast and was also involved in this war. But in the process of fighting against the human hero Hercules, Hera was injured and one of the phoenixes was shot by Hercules.

After the war, there was only one phoenix left, living alone, never singing joyous songs again, and crying all night in the temple. It wasn't until Zeus' ears bleed that Zeus' conscience discovered that he had decided to give honor, power and wealth to the Phoenix. But Phoenix didn't want this. He only wanted the one he loved to survive, but Zeus couldn't do it. So he said: "You can bring your love back to life, but you have to pay the price.


From now on you must grow old, lose beautiful and powerful wings, lose gorgeous singing, and your body will become weak as a result." Now, you have to endure loneliness, loneliness, disease and fear. You will face death. You must maintain an ethereal heart without any resentment or even distractions. Finally, you must go into the fire of Nirvana and endure the hardest. Burning patience, burning everything you have, only your heart is left. If your heart is ethereal, your lover can live, and you will die from then on. "Phoenix accepted this condition and has been alone ever since. He was old and weak, and was finally thrown into the raging fire. It was his lover who was resurrected, and she also accepted this condition, so this world has There is an eternal fire phoenix. But the fire phoenix always lives in loneliness and pain, because people who love each other can never be together, what a sadness! This is the origin of the fire phoenix. Nirvana is the sun god Apollo lighting the sun Place, so the phoenix will always fly to the sun.

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