The latest trend tattoo items - fluorescent eyeliner tattoo stickers
The latest trend of tattoo items - fluorescent eyeliner tattoo stickers


  • Eye Play eye makeup stickers in bold colors.
  • Inspired by DJ stage makeup.
  • Plenty of colors were used to create bright and rich neon colors and reflected laser light. Paste it at will to create a high-gloss look, and create a playful makeup effect easily and conveniently. So many stars can not resist its charm.

  • This is actually a beauty product launched by Saudi star sisters Simi & Haze. In addition to the single-color single line, there are also some premium versions of shapes and color gradients.

  • In addition, this laser eye makeup sticker is also loved by Hailey Bieber. Compared with the neon model, the laser material presents a colorful luster due to different light, which is very suitable for party occasions.

  • As Simi and Haze say: "Makeup should be fun and expressive, not restrictive."


TATAARTIST TA-TC-04 Pro Make Up Client Chair
In addition to being a tattoo guest chair, it can also be used as a makeup guest chair.
Friends who have a beauty studio and buy furniture, I highly recommend you to buy a tatartist tattoo beauty bed! Beauty tattoos are very suitable.

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