Tattoo Supplies spree for only $289
  1. Tattoo Pen Kit: It has the main supplies to start your tattoo work, the stroke length of the tattoo pen is 3.5mm, it is more suitable for beginners to get easy tattoo lining and shading, permanent makeup work.
  2. Professional Tattoo Kits: All tattoo supplies are tested by professional artists. We provide all professional tattoo supplies for beginners. Cartridge needles are ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilized and individually packaged. Tattoo pens are used for tattoos with our professional team.
  3. All Tattoo Supplies Guaranteed: All components in this tattoo kit are tested before shipment. The factory's quality inspection is divided into three processes.
  1. Tatoo Pen Kit. 1 Atom Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with DC Clip Cable, 1 Power Supply with Cable, 1 Foot Pedal, 1 Tattoo Kit Carrying Case.
  2. Tatartist tattoo footrest
  3. Tatartist tattoo master chair
  4. Tatartist gloves
  5. Tattoo practice silicone paper
  6. Tattoo wrap plastic film

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