The 5 Body Parts Tattoo Artists Least Like to Tattoo

1: the soles of the feet. Feet are destined to experience more frequent movement and exertion than other parts of the body every day. You can take a close look at your feet, which are often the thinnest parts of your body.

Therefore, naturally more sweat and odor will be produced. There is nothing embarrassing about it. Everyone is similar, and I have never seen fragrant feet. However, when they get naked with the tattoo artist, the picture gets a little weird and unnatural. At least one scented tattoo memory.

2: the knee. Presumably everyone must have played "knee jerk reflex" when they were young. At that time, they felt that this kind of involuntary bumping was really interesting, and it was amazing that the legs were completely out of their control.

However, this wonderful little experiment in human science seems somewhat indescribable in the long tattooing process. No tattoo artist wants to protect himself while tattooing, ready for an attack that might kick him in the face. It seems that tattoos not only require professional skills, but also some martial arts self-defense.

3: Armpits. Do you have armpit tattoos? why not? You can get a tattoo anywhere there is skin, and they are all treated equally. When a tattoo artist faces a client's armpit, his mental activity is not much different from tattooing his feet.

In addition, tattoo artists also need to have excellent "tattoo skills". After all, the hair on this part is definitely much thicker than the hair on the top of the head. Best of all, it's not easy to recover!

4: private parts. To put it bluntly, if it's a conversation between the same sex, it's a bit embarrassing; if it's a conversation between the opposite sex, apart from being a little awkward, I'm afraid there will be some equally indescribable reactions and states.

The last paragraph is unexpected! That's boobs! This image specifically refers to a male tattoo artist and a female customer. Many people mistakenly think that male tattoo artists are not willing to take off after receiving such customer orders. In fact, it is not. Not only unhappy, but also exhausting. It generally feels like playing billiards with care.


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