Persistence of disabled tattoo artists

Physically flawed, but the moment they started creating, they amazed the world

Of the billions of people in this world, not everyone has a healthy body. Some of them have different physical disabilities.

Physical disabilities bring a lot of inconvenience to their lives. Many people can't even do the basics of dressing and eating...

In the eyes of others, they are weak people who need to be cared for.

However, there are also some people who use their actions to tell everyone that they are not.

TATARTIST recently summarized some art workers with physical disabilities. Although their bodies affected them, it did not prevent them from pursuing their dreams. The works of these people are astounding.

The man without a right hand has made himself a successful tattoo artist. Look at this hand, so handsome that he has no friends.

This is Brain Tagalog. He was born with no hands, but he did a job that many healthy people can't do well-a tattoo artist. He is also the only disabled person in the world with a tattoo qualification certificate.


22 years ago in Lyon, France, there was a little boy who lost his right arm in an accident; but now he has a cooler one.

The boy is Chitan Tenet, an artist from Lyon, France. That is, the tattoo artist with a robotic arm that has been spread in the tattoo circle recently.

Tattooing people with mechanical prosthetic limbs seems to exist in the sci-fi plot of the steampunk world, but in Tenet's view, the cooperation of both hands is very important for constantly sharpening the level.

"Before I had a robotic arm, I used my left hand to tattoo people."


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