Tattoo studio furniture and style design sharing

Tattoo studio furniture design sharing

TATARTIST tattoo furniture is versatile enough to complement many styles of tattoo studios.
Whether it's dark side, wasteland, clean and crisp, high-end luxury, understated simplicity, TATARTIST tattoo guest chairs and workstations have you covered.

Generous and simple storefront, the benches in the waiting area can seat more than 10 people.
And the benches are against the wall, and there is plenty of space in the corridor aisles, so the design is not crowded at all.

The design is not monotonous, but has personality. Show your personality and be more persuasive.

Recreation area

The tattoo workbench can be placed against the wall, and the large space can hold three sets of tattoo guest chair equipment at the same time. Tattoo guest chair, tattoo hand rest, tattoo workbench, tattoo artist chair.

Tattoo furniture can be purchased on TATARTIST's website, tattoo LED lighting, tattoo tool cart, tattoo guest chair, all in stock. Complete style.

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Best tattoo client chair combo

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