TATARTIST XL Tattoo Hand Rest Can Carry The Weight Of An Adult!

TATARTIST XL tattoo hand rest can carry the weight of an adult!

Tattoo arm is an indispensable product in tattoo work.
I have always wanted to tell everyone that the quality of TatArtist tattoo furniture is very good, very strong, and strong in load-bearing capacity. We did it in this video. A real person stepped on the XL tattoo hand rest. The product is firm, does not shake, does not lose balance, and does not slip.

TA-AM-19 | TA-AM-20 Large tattoo hand rest
1. Strong load-bearing capacity
2. Multifunctional adjustment. The height is adjustable, and the inclination of the soft bag is adjustable. (TA-AM-19 and TA-AM-20 have this function)
In addition, the inclination of TA-AM-20 height can be adjusted.
3. The external wall hanging device is very practical. You can wear disposable gloves. You can also put paper towel rolls or disposable plastic protective film.

These two products are very popular with tattoo artists. If you think they are very good, please buy them now. The stock quantity of this product is low.

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