Christmas Tattoo Furniture Promotions

Christmas is a good time to buy tattoo guest chairs and tattoo accessories furniture, especially this year. In a year of shortage, your competitors take advantage of the abundant supply, buy tools to make a living, and restart their business. After a long period of economic downturn, now is the time for a gradual recovery. Entrepreneurs must stick to their posts!


Tattoo Guest Chair TA-TC-04 Pro
TatArtist's tattoo guest chair is widely regarded as the best merchant tattoo furniture that money can buy. This is a well-founded statement, and it is totally worthy of your possession. Anyone who is fortunate enough to receive a tattooed guest chair as a gift at Christmas will certainly express their satisfaction and love for its overall function, design, and comfort.


XL tattoo adjustable hand rest TA-AM-19 & TA-AM-20
It is difficult to buy a suitable tattoo hand rest, but this hand rest can reduce 90% of your troubles in your tattoo work. You can adjust the height, the inclination of the height and the inclination of the cushion.
There are more discounts when purchasing packages, please contact customer service for details.


Multifunctional Tattoo Tool Station TA-WS-15
Original price 400 US dollars, current price 199 US dollars


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