Germany's youngest tattoo artist is only 9 years old

The 9-year-old German tattoo artist who is sought after by everyone

When most children are 9 years old,
Every day at school should be very busy,
Shuttle between various interest classes.
There or after school, they beg their parents to buy their favorite toys.

But everyone’s life and growth process are different,
There may also be many differences in the life experienced!


The little girl in the picture is named Maya,
From southern Germany, she is only 9 years old.
"Serve" in her mother's tattoo studio to help clients get tattoos.
Maya’s job is not only to help her mother,
Instead, as a tattoo artist, she has to complete the work independently.

Maya’s mother Lily Lu said in an interview.
Maya became interested in tattoos when she was about 2 years old.
Always make gestures on her feet with a tattoo machine.

Because she sees mom's tattoo every day.
Little Maya is more interested in tattoos.
Her parents were Maya’s first customers,
They used their bodies as Maya's "experimental ground".
Used to train her skills
Her mother will teach her tattoo techniques when she is free.


Children's imagination is always wild.
She can treat the human body as a piece of white paper,
Apply it however you want.
Use messy lines and unexpected colors
Depicts various plants, animals or geometric patterns.
Put it together with the works of other adults,
It looks very unique.

Many customers in the store slowly noticed this cute little girl.
And expressed his willingness to let Maya create for herself
She doesn’t need the help of her parents now,
The tattoo gun can be used completely independently.

Most importantly, after Maya tattooed the customer,
The wound looks beautiful after healed.
Her tattoo skills are comparable to a tattoo artist three times her age.
Her parents let her dare to pursue tattoo art,
And in her tattoo studio, designed a small table for her to design patterns.


Maya always likes to stay in the studio.
Tattoos are as common as drawing on paper.
She has many adult friends who want her to design tattoos.
So she began to create more and more works.
But Maya only works when she wants it.
It always depends on her mood.


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