Net celebrity gashapon tattoos, exciting and crushing!

Net celebrity gashapon tattoos, exciting and crushing !

Have you played a gashapon machine?
Never know what's inside before opening it, just like buying a lottery ticket. Everyone thinks that he is a person who is favored by God and can get the super prize in the blind box.
In order to pursue mysterious pleasures, no one can resist.

This fashionable gameplay has attracted countless young people, and the gashapon culture has also attracted the favor of the tattoo circle.
Someone brought the concept of gashapon and blind box into the tattoo circle. As a result, this year's popular tattoo method "Gacha Tattoo" sounds really exciting to me!

What kind of experience would it be to replace the picture in the gashapon machine with the pattern of your tattoo?
Some people say that this is the gospel for those who have difficulty choosing, and some say that this is simply a disaster, so what do you think?

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A tattoo shop named "Elm Street Tattoo" in Dallas, Texas, USA launched the "Tattoo Capsule Machine".

As the name suggests, guests choose tattoo designs by playing a gashapon machine.

The game rules are written on the gashapon machine: "Tattoo designs are obtained by lottery. All super classic and cool designs. You don't need to use your brain to get a good-looking tattoo!"

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The gameplay is also very simple. It only takes 100U to exchange for a gashapon coin, insert it into the gashapon machine, rotate it, and you will get a gashapon with tattoos inside. Take it to the tattoo artist in the shop and stab it directly on the spot. Body.

After this tattoo model was launched, it immediately attracted many customers who came to get tattoos.

After all, such an interesting and novel design saves a lot of thinking time for those tattoo madmen with choice barriers. "As for the next tattoo, let God decide."

Of course, everyone's taste and aesthetics are different. There is no guarantee that every customer of the twist will like it, so at this time everyone can spend another 20U to twist it again.

But if you are still dissatisfied, there is no way...If you want a refund, it is definitely not allowed! Take the drawings honestly and wait to be pierced!

In order to satisfy different customers, Elm Street Tattoo has made an upgraded version of the tattoo capsule machine.

You can choose different prices to distort tattoo designs with different levels of complexity. Is it more exciting?

This design is interesting and novel, and saves thinking time for people with choice disorders.

Follow the direction of fate and get a pattern. When you get the gashapon pattern, you can't regret it...

But some people are still worried, what if the trick is drawn?

tattoo tray

Don't worry, the tattoo artists in this shop are very experienced! The manuscripts in the machine are old-school classics that are timeless, not ugly!

It seems that someone drew this poisonous snake pattern...

After the thorn came out, it was this very old-school style.

Every work has a strong style, I want to see many people here breathe a sigh of relief.

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In the United States, the cost of a tattoo from design to completion is approximately between US$150 and US$250.

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Choosing a tattoo pattern from the gashapon machine saves the design process, reduces the price of the tattoo, and has a different kind of excitement.

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tatsoul tatartist chair
tattoo soul chair

tatartist tattoo client chair
In most cases, getting a good tattoo at a reasonable price in a good tattoo shop is a good choice, so the tattoo gashapon machine is so attractive.

Will you try blind box tattoos?


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