Why Coil Machines Have Been So Popular

The shrapnel machine (coil machine) is a product of the tattoo development process.
It consists of main components such as electromagnetic coil, capacitor, armature, shrapnel, adjusting mandrel nut and nail.

Working principle: The two main coils are energized, the armature generates a magnetic field, and the square iron uses the elastic force of the shrapnel to generate high-speed up and down reciprocating motion, thereby driving the tattoo needle to work.

The effect of boosting the shrapnel machine is different from that of the motor machine. The increase in motor voltage increases the speed, and the shrapnel machine not only increases the speed, but also increases the strength.

And the speed of the shrapnel machine is too fast, especially when cutting the line, the shrapnel machine will perform more prominently at the secant line.

The shrapnel machine as a whole has a certain resilience, and it is easier to control the skin damage during work.

Another advantage of the shrapnel machine is that it is highly adjustable, such as the stroke, strength, and speed of the machine are adjustable. With proper adjustment, a shrapnel machine can take care of all kinds of tattoos. This is also the reason why the shrapnel machine has been on fire.

For example, the most popular brand on the market, Solong is a typical representative of the coil machine.

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