2022 New Electric Tattoo Chairs Are On Sale

TA-TC-07 new tattoo chair new place:
1. Backrest upgrade
2. Appearance upgrade
3. Function upgrade
4. Material upgrade
5. Price upgrade

Detailed upgrade function introduction:
1. The backrest is wider and thicker, and the customer experience is better.
2. The appearance is more luxurious and advanced than the old model, which will definitely give customers a feeling of "God".
3. Electric control of the lifting height brings infinite convenience to the tattoo artist.Foot control.
4. The metal material and sponge material are getting thicker and thicker, and the overall product will be more stable and super load-bearing!
5. The price is 10 yuan more expensive than the old model. I believe you will be willing to spend 10 yuan more to buy high-quality products. For just $1199, you can have a brand new multipurpose electric tattoo bed.



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